NYC hair & lunch in Italy



It’s that time of month again…no, not that time. Time to color and/or cut your hair. Let’s admit it, it’s the best accessory you have. If your hair doesn’t look good forget about the rest of you. Good looking hair goes a long way in the scheme of things. It could turn a tired, over-worked face into Cinderella.

So needless to say, I’m on my way to aka Cedric Salon on 10 West 37th street. This salon is not your average NYC hair salon, it’s an oasis from the fast, hectic pace of midtown. Cedric books no more than a few clients at a time. A beautiful chandelier anchors the salon and with it’s contemporary furnishings, the ambiance is serene. No loud music, no screaming employees, even the blow dryers don’t make too much noise. They cater to my every whim and I look and feel like a million bucks when I walk out the door!

It’s a gorgeous autumn day and I decide to walk down fifth avenue towards downtown. I have a couple of hours to kill because I missed my art class since my appointment ran over. I could see the unique shape of the Flatiron Building, on 23rd & 5th, and it reminds me of a wonderful spot…Eataly (also on 23rd & 5th). Eataly is the masterpiece of chef and restauranteur Mario Batalia (a fellow Rutgers grad!). Eataly is like having the markets, restaurants the wine and the gelato of Italy all housed under one enormous indoor building on 23rd Street. I walk around and marvel at everything I see. I feel as though I have been transported to Italy. Pasta, cheese, wine everywhere. Oh and the pesce (seafood), it’s as if you are on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. I find an open seat at one of the many counter bars. One of life’s most underrated rituals is dining alone. No one to ask me questions or make requests. It’s just me, my thoughts and my iPad having lunch….with gorgeous hair!