A little slice of Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival is the “it” event of the Film Festival season. It started in Utah in August of 1979 with Robert Redford as chairman. Sundance has grown rapidly over the years to become a launch pad for emerging actors and directors. At this year’s festival, there were almost 12,000 film submissions. However, only about 179 films were selected to premier at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. One would think these chosen films are the cream of the crop however they are not the traditional box office blockbusters. The films that premier at the festival are independent, unique and don’t cost a ton of money. These films are a cinematic art form, at its best, exploring many different aspects of life. They touch upon topics that are either too intimate or forbidden to discuss on a casual level. Needless to say, it’s basically a hit or miss. Having been to Sundance the past several years, I’ve seen some amazing films and some real dull ones (at least in my opinion). So if you have the desire to see fantastic independent films before they are shown to the general public, read on…

The School of Visual Arts, NYC offers a course called Film Maker’s Dialogue. Each semester on a Tuesday night, Ralph Appelbaum, the Procter, screens award winning films from festivals around the world at the SVA theater located on 23rd Street. Ralph has been doing this for over 32 years and is an expert on choosing the films. Not only do you see amazing films before they are released to the general public but there is usually a discussion at the end with either the actors, director and or producers. A little slice of Sundance right here in NYC.



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